When dressing for the office, it’s important to feel comfortable as well as be formally dressed. However, if you want to get fit in the business environment and be recognized, it’s important to adhere to the formal dress code at your Office. If you need some inspiration for your office attire, check these:

1. Wear a Navy Blue Dress for Endless Options


These blazer and blouse combinations are great for your formal outfit. A navy blue dress is a great addition to your formal wardrobe. Not only can you wear it on various occasions, but it also works well with many different ideas- as a dress, blouse, for example.

A navy blue dress also looks great paired with a simple add-on jacket or a shirt as a professional outfit.

2. Experiment with Button-Down Shirts


Guess what? Button-down shirts don’t always have to be boring as a professional outfit! And you don’t have to limit yourself to just the basic white, blue, or yellow shirts. You can experiment with the fabric details, like cotton, silk, chiffon, etc. Try being creative with the colors, too. You can pair it up with a trouser or a pencil skirt for a formal look.

3. Go Classic with a Black and white Dress- An amazing professional outfit


A black dress with a structured fit and nice strapping (like white strips here) is a professional, yet modern design.

To give your outfit some life, pair the dress with some minimal accessories, like the handband, or a watch here. Make sure the pattern is subtle, yet striking. Complete your outfit with a pair of black heels for a classic, and a timeless formal look.

4. Try a Statement Dress


Although it’s essential to keep your dress code professional and conservative, that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with various colors. An elegant dress in an impressive color is quite a good addition to your office wardrobe. All you need to round off a dress like this is a pair of black heels or with a black flat for making a perfect professional outfit.

When we look for a professional outfit, don’t be afraid of bold prints and colors. Although you should avoid anything too bright which doesn’t look professional. Do you find this post useful? Comment your thoughts below.