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Why Choose Online Marketplace Emron.co.com 


With the ongoing Pandemic all across the world, consumer behaviours have changed permanently. Consumers have shifted online, so our platforms help small entrepreneurs get more visibility of their Products with very few investments. If you are a merchandise or Jewellery shop owner, you can register on our platform and reach out the wider audiences in Africa. We have dedicated a particular section of our website to Fashion & Jewellery.


Why should you choose emron.co.com as Online Marketplace?


  • You Can Start Easily-You can easily register as a new seller on our online platforms, and the entire process is simple and straightforward. We will review your information and approve you as a third-party vendor on our marketplaces. You only have to upload your product list and start selling.


  • Use Our Established Platform-We are already a household name in Africa, and through us, you can get the required exposure for your products. Our marketplaces use programs to help you in navigating the circulation of advertising, trading, and fulfilment. These electronic marketing applications play an integral part in getting your products in front of all of the target customers at the right times.


  • Utilize a Huge Customer Base– Our E-Commerce websites have an enormous built-in base of consumers who browse these sites regularly. You may be amazed to know that there are approximately thousands of active visitors a month between Amazon, eBay, and Walmart alone.


  • Fast Launch Times-If you are new to selling on emron.co.com, our marketplaces can be a superb way to create revenue and build your brand as you work to drive visitors to another eCommerce website.


  • Client Data Insights- You need data to survive in today’s competitive market, particularly in Fashion & Jewellery. This branch of the E-Commerce section has cut-throat competition. Don’t worry; our marketplace has your back. We will provide data insights by monitoring customer interactions.


  • Reach New Clients- Since emron.co.com is an established platform, using our platform will help you reach new horizons. Our platform will help you to reach out to international buyers, not just Africa. The best part is that you could participate with several audiences/customers at once without spending any more money.


Why Sell Jewellery & Clothing Online at Emron.co.com?

In these testing times, the jewellery and fashion industries are growing at a very fast pace. Everything has come online, from food delivery to groceries. If, as a seller, you want to tap this market, you have to go online, and we are the perfect choice for you. Our entire website is designed to help sellers and buyers all across Africa. We are committed to your safety too! We are following all the government recommended regarding the COVID 19 to keep our staff and our consumer safe. We help sellers, but we also make sure that the products listed are available at low prices so that the consumer can benefits too, thus helping both the ends of the chain.

Need help? Have a product request? Let us know and we'll take care of you!