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Lemongrass is a herbaceous plant from the Poaceae family that grows in tropical regions. It has a lemon-like smell. Consuming this tea will add a tangy touch to your snacks.

Benefits of lemongrass tea: 

-Helps in digestion;

-Fight against influenza and fever;

-If you are stressed and have trouble sleeping, it is advisable to have a drink after the meal;

-Helps in slimming.

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Buy Dried Lemongrass Online in South Africa

Dried Lemongrass, you can Buy Dried Lemongrass Online in South Africa. Dried Lemongrass is a kind of herb that can either used for cooking, aromatherapy, or for your care. When used as a dry herb, it can dry in your oven, dehydrated in your oven, or you can even get rid of the smell by adding some vinegar or lemon juice. Dried Lemongrass is a great medicinal herb. Dried Lemongrass is a good ingredient in cooking. The dried lemongrass is perfect to add flavor to some curry dishes. The dried lemongrass also has a delicate aroma, which is perfect for aromatherapy. Dried Lemongrass has a warm, spicy flavor that can use for making a basic Chinese dish as well. It is also very beneficial for digestion, weight loss, and many other health-related issues. It’s also used for medicinal tea blends. If you have skin problems, Dried lemongrass can be very effective as it can help smooth skin irritations. It can also help relieve sinus and respiratory symptoms.
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What is Lemongrass, Its Types and Benefits?


Cymbopogon Citratus is commonly known as Lemongrass, which has a lemony, herbaceous, and sweetly floral flavour. This tropical, evergreen, perennial grass is native to Asia’s tropical regions and the Indian subcontinent but now is being grown in different parts of the world. They can be easily be grown in a home herb garden and typically grows up to 1.5m tall.


Types- Dried and Fresh

There are two types of Lemongrass: Dried and fresh. Fresh one gives a mix of bright and complex flavours. On the contrary, the dried Lemongrass has a woodsy flavour. Both have their own set of advantages; the dried one is used in soups and other dishes.


Lemongrass and Health

Lemongrass has immense importance in Ayurveda. It is used to get rid of cold and congestion. It has other own sets of benefits that we are going to discuss below:


  • It is good for digestion- It is known to soothe your stomach, thus improving your digestive functions. It contains citral that helps to digest food. That’s why it is used to treat conditions such as bloating, constipation, or indigestion.


  • It is Full of antioxidants- Packed with antioxidants and is commonly known as a detox tea. It helps your body to get rid of toxins, cleansing you from within by relieving fluid retention.


  • Improves Metabolism and Burns Fat- It is a great option if you are considering shedding some weight. It helps in boosting the metabolism that makes digestion quicker and helps burn some calories.


  • For Great Skin and Hair- Lemongrass is a great source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C essential for beautiful skin and hair. It helps in improving blood circulation, thus reducing the chances of acne, pimples, and eczema.


Final Words

It is a smart idea to include Lemongrass in your daily diet because of the benefits mentioned above. If you are looking to Buy Dried Lemongrass Online in Africa, you can check the following link.

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